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Socially Distanced                                          EMDR

Trauma Therapy

EMDR (eye-movement desensitisation and reprocessing) is an innovative, specialist therapy for symptoms of trauma, including including childhood attachment trauma and PTSD.

There is substantial empirical evidence supporting EMDR's effectiveness in resolving trauma issues when used within an integrative therapeutic approach by trained psychotherapist.

I currently offer socially distanced EMDR therapy in a bespoke outdoor space, covered and private, in the peaceful Worcestershire countryside.

Prices for EMDR Therapy


My standard fee:                            £ 75 p/hr


EMDR sessions are 90 mins:         £ 112.50 p/session


*I offer concessionary rates for those with insufficient financial means, on a case-by-case basis.

EMDR Intensive Residentials 

Intensive EMDR therapy has been shown to offer significant improvement and even complete resolution of trauma symptoms and PTSD much more quickly than weekly sessions. Recent studies suggest intensive EMDR is as effective as weekly EMDR.

I offer bespoke intensive residential courses of EMDR trauma therapy, comprising daily, socially distanced sessions of EMDR therapy, and including private accommodation in the beautiful Cotswold village of Broadway.

Intensive residentials are bespoke courses tailored to your specific needs, goals and preferences. Many trauma issues can be substantially resolved in a long weekend, while in other cases one or two weeks may be more appropriate. 

Prices for Intensive Residentials 


Intensive residentials are priced individually.

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